Community Behavioral Services
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Larry Neidigh, Ph.D                        Mark Flynn, Psy.D.

Minor Chamblin, Ph.D.                      Joni Neidigh, LMHC                         Bill Hughes,  LMHC                          Ed Hoffman, LMHC                          Carol Nelson, LMFT                         Cheryl Carlyon, LMHC                     Theresa Crockett, LMHC                 Joe Zichi, LCSW

Clinical Staff:

Dr. Larry Neidigh, Ph.D. Clincal Director Py0004090

      Clinical Director

      Psychological Evaluations

      Forensic Evaluations

      Child Custody Evaluations

Dr. Mark Flynn, Psy.D. PY 7164

      Autism Spectrum Disorders

      Child and family counseling

      Anger Management

      Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy

Dr. Minor Chamblin, Ph.D. PY0003646

      Couples Counseling

      Sex therapy

       Addictions therapy

Joni Neidigh, M.A. LMHC MH0003387

      Director, Anger and violence Intervention Program

      Child Counseling

      Individual Psychotherapy

      Family Counseling

Bill Hughes, M.A. LMHC MH0004774

      Counseling and Psychotherapy

      Sexual Offender Treatment

Edward Hoffman, M.A. LMHC MH0004235

      Counseling and Psychotherapy

      Sex Offender Treatment

      Substance Abuse Treatment

Carole Nelson, M.S. LMFT MF0001142

      Child, Individual, and Family Counseling

Cheryl Carlyon, M.S. LMHC MH0002982

       Family Mediation

       Child, Individual, and Family Counseling

Joe Zichi, M.S. LCSW SW380

       Child, Individual and Family Counseling

Theresa Crockett, M.Ed. LMHC MH0005726

       Anger Management

       Child, Individual, and Family Counseling